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This is a brief overview of the features in Enhance 2. These are the features which we feel set it apart from the competition. For a more definitive list and a chance to try the system please contact us. If you are looking to become a partner please see the partner features page.

Unified Publish Management

With our unified publish manager every single piece of content on your site goes through a publish process. This allows for content creators to do their job while retaining the editors role to approve content.

No limitations

There are no limitations on what can or can’t be changed on your site. You have full and complete control over every single piece of content.


Built off consultations with existing users and our own experience with Enhance 1 we have simplified the user interface of Enhance 2 making it simpler and easier to use. We’ve also used new web technologies to make the interface faster work more like a desktop application. One particular usability innovation in the new version is the quick publish bar. This allows you to immediately send a piece of content live after writing it.

Message Centre

Everyone’s had an important email go missing. With Enhance 2 this will never happen, every message generated by the system goes into the message centre where they can be retrieved for later viewing. On top of that the messages are still forwarded to your email for your convenience.


This is where the real power of functionality comes in. We are continuing to grow the number of components so that sites can have functions that clients demand.

If you are looking to become a partner please see the partner features page

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